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LowProfile with ATX bracket mounted PCI-Express x16 Gen 3.0

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Next-Level Acceleration Has Arrived

The artificial intelligence revolution surges forward, igniting opportunities for businesses to reimagine how they solve their customers’ challenges. We’re racing toward a future where every customer interaction, every product, every service offering will be touched and improved by AI. And making that future a reality requires a computing platform that can accelerate the full diversity of modern AI, enabling businesses to re-envision how they meet—and exceed—customer demands and cost-effectively scale their AI-based products and services.

The NVIDIA T4 GPU is among the world’s most powerful universal inference accelerators. Powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores, T4 provides revolutionary multi-precision inference performance to accelerate the diverse applications of modern AI. T4 is a part of the NVIDIA AI inference platform that supports all AI frameworks and provides comprehensive tooling and integrations to drastically simplify the development and deployment of advanced AI.